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Race Course

*It is the responsibility of the athlete to know the course & keep track of the loop count

The swim course is one loop

You will line up with your swim wave / swim cap color (waves are TBA)

The swim direction and swim course may be changed the morning of the race due to water & weather conditions

After exiting the swim  you will run up the beach, along the paved path to transition.


**Please use caution transition from beach to path - there are 2-3 steps that will become covered with sand.  There will be a volunteer to caution you, but please use caution on the steps.

Wetsuits are not mandatory, but recommended as water temps are only expected to be in the 60's.

Please label wetsuit with your name to avoid confusion in transition.

The bike is a two loop course

~Head out of the park and make a RIGHT onto West Shore Road

~Make a U turn at North Hempstead Park entrance

~Merge onto southbound lane just past the light

~Turn RIGHT onto Seaview Blvd.  Turn around at the end in the wide cul-de-sac. ~ ~Head back up Seaview Blvd.

~Make a RIGHT on West Shore Road

~Turn RIGHT on Harbor Park Dr North. ~ ~Follow through industrial park.  It will bring you back to West Shore Road.

~Make a LEFT at the light on West Shore Rd

~Head up West Shore Road to start your second loop or finish

~To finish your bike enter the park entrance where you started after your second loop

~Please use caution at turn around!


The run one loop this year

(*duathletes: see note below)

This will be a one loop course this year that will include the nature trails. This one loop course will eliminate the u-turn and not have you running the hilly portion twice.

It is important that you follow the cones and volunteer instructions.

*If you are doing the Duathlon:

You will do a shortened version of the ONE LOOP course , then two loopos on the bike course and then the full One  Loop of the run course.

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